Give smart-building inhabitants the best possible experience while reducing costs.
In R&D

A knowledge graph at the hearth of a smart building.

Combine all the IoT and traditional building telemetry- e.g., sensors, cash registers, environment, security- into one Weaviate to generate a seamless experience for the users of an office or factory.

The challenge

The big challenge for many internet of things vendors is to ​create meaningful relations in the vasts amounts of data collected. How do you collect the data sources from the elevators to the solar panels and from the cars in the garage to the airconditioners to give smart-building inhabitants the best possible experience while reducing costs?

Weaviate as solution

Efficiencies can be made throughout a building that take advantage of all the sensors and combine them to a knowledge graph of the entire building information network. With this information all the IoT devices and other sensor-equipped machinery can work together as a whole for problem solving, cost effectiveness and maximizing the quality of the environment. Temperature control: Reducing the heating or increasing the cooling based on historical, weather and turnstile data. Safety: combining turnstile data, fire alarms, door responders, movement detectors etc. to establish how quickly and if a building is empty during an emergency.

  • real estate
  • smart building
  • Internet of Things
  • digital twin

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