Weaviate Data Harmonization

Data Harmonization with Weaviate

Use Weaviate's built-in AI-models to harmonize your data from different source systems inside your organization

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AI-based data harmonization

If you manage a large ecosystem of data platforms ranging from databases to ERP systems and from CRM systems to ticket systems, it becomes difficult to find unity in your data. You might work with large teams to gather the insights you need, or you cannot gather these insights at all.

SeMI allows you to harmonize your data by adding Weaviate as an in-between proxy into your data ecosystem. Its built-in natural language models automatically connect the right data sources via its APIs and share them to a dashboard in our console or back to any other solution using the same APIs.

Weaviate integrates with every major platform provider

Weaviate integrates with SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, Jira

Metro AG uses Weaviate to harmonize data from different sources to better serve their customers

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