We focus on the knowledge management in your data, so that you can focus on your business.

Weaviate enterprise playground

Weaviate at the core

The core of all our solutions is the knowledge graph Weaviate. All data is exposed through the API. Weaviate can run on any cloud, or on-prem.

Weaviate enterprise playground

Custom solutions per domain

You can create custom solutions, and use the out-of-the-box SeMI tools per domain. If you'd like to discuss a specific use case our solution engineers are ready to help.

Weaviate enterprise playground

​The next step in data management.​

Solutions can vary from apps to machine learning models, and from websites to system integrations. Weaviate even enables data monitization through SeMI Knowledge Networks. You can find a selection of use cases here.

SeMI's Weaviate enables us to safely exchange valuable data and insights with our peers.

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