A core engine for AI-first architectures

Core Features

Semantic Search

Weaviate's Contextionary (the core machine learning-powered engine) is not only able to find the data you are looking for fast and reliable but also to index it based on its meaning.
Weaviate semantic search

Automatic Classification

Weaviate helps to automatically classify data based on the meaning of the data, even if your data contains complex branch-specific language! Weaviate can organize it according to your wishes, 100% automated.
Weaviate automatic classification

Knowledge Representation

Weaviate allows you to represent your data in a large graph format based on the GraphQL query language. Regardless, if you need straight ahead search engine capabilities or want a full-fledged knowledge graph, Weaviate is here to help.
Weaviate Knowledge Representation

Software features

Want to know more about how Weaviate works or see an overview of developer features? Click here to learn more about the philosophy behind the software architecture or here for an overview of developer features.

Customers & Partners


A selection of our customers using SeMI's Weaviate to enhance or create new AI-first data and analytics capabilities.
SeMI Technology customers


Our ecosystem of SeMI partners consists of experts who know how your organisation can leverage Weaviate the best. Regardless if you need C-level AI consultancy or hands on implementation support, our partners can help.

Interested in joining our partner ecosystem? Click here to learn more.

SeMI Technology partners

Thanks to Weaviate we are massively extending our data and analytics capabilities.

image of David Toborek

Weaviate Cluster Service

The Weaviate Cluster Service (WCS) is SeMI's Weaviate as a service offering served globally over the Google Cloud network. We offer services suited for small startups all the way to large scale enterprises.
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Our WCS is currently in beta. If you want to join, you will get a 25% discount on the service of your choosing (click here for a pricing overview).

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Product Feature Comparison

Weaviate search graph (tech features)
Weaviate Cluster Service
Community support
Email support
Slack support
Account manager support (SPOC)
Last-come-first-served Silver (*)
Access to our solution engineers ()
Private cloud or on premise
Enterprise service-level agreement (SLA)
Enterprise Terms of Service (ToS)
Enterprise End-User Licence Agreement (EULA)
Access to our core engineers ()
Last-come-first-served Gold ()
Dedicated implementation support

* - Silver is our first tier support offering.

† - SeMI's Solution Engineers are Weaviate usage experts.

‡ - Gold is our first tier support offering which surpasses silver.

§ - SeMI's Core Engineers are Weaviate engineers working on the core software.


 ProductPrices in USDFeatures 
Weaviate Open Sourcefreen.a.get started!
Weaviate Startup
Weaviate Cluster Service
$ 199
(p/month p/cluster)
featuresget started!
Weaviate Scaleup
Weaviate Cluster Service
$ 899
(p/month p/cluster)
featuresget started!
Weaviate Professional
Weaviate Cluster Service
$ 1,999
(p/month p/cluster)
featuresget started!
Weaviate Enterprise
Weaviate Cluster Service
Private Cloud
On Prem
starting from $ 6,999
(p/month p/use case)
featurescontact us

• Prices are excluding 21% VAT.

• Discounts are available for annual payments.

• Discounts are available for multiple use cases or clusters.

• Software licenses can be found here.

• For on-prem installations (which include public and private cloud) a licenses comes with unlimited scaling.