Weaviate Enterprise

The Decentralized Knowledge Graph

The Enterprise version is based on the powerful open source Weaviate software and also allows you to configure it however you want. You can create custom Contextionaries, and use your own team to add in whatever customisations you need. With that, we provide an SLA, large scale deployment in your own cloud or on-premise, and support.

The enterprise ready solution

Weaviate support for different clouds

Support for different clouds

Weaviate Enterprise supports multiple cloud vendors including: Google, AWS, Azure and Oracle Cloud.

Weaviate enterprise playground

Predefined Data Networks

You will be able to plug in a selection of premium, predefined knowledge graphs which can enrich your results and enhance your outcomes. These are accessed through the Weaviate Networks toolkit. Click here to learn more.

Weaviate enterprise playground


Weaviate's Playground is a graphical user interface that enables you to gather insights from the knowledge graph directly. Users of Weaviate Open Source can use the Playground on their websites, and Weaviate Enterprise users receive a custom version they can run wherever they want.

Weaviate enterprise pricing per function

Pricing per function

With Weaviate Enterprise you are charged per function via the Weaviate API. This way you only pay for what you need.

Custom Contextionaries

Contextionaries for your business

We can create custom Contextionaries for you. These give you industry-specific context for your business to enhance the results from your data.

Monitize your Weaviate

Monetize your data

Offer your data directly to your customers and monetize on the usage.


Open Source
Scalable knowledge graph
Run Weaviate in your own datacenters
Run Weaviate with public cloud providers
Create custom Weaviate peer-to-peer networks
Access to highly skilled professional data scientists to help you solve your use cases
Have SeMI run Weaviate for you in a datacenter of choice
Join other powerful Weaviate networks to enhance your data
Large-scale deployment tools for your own cloud solution or on-premise
Create custom Contextionaries
Access to highly-skilled professional business consultants to help you set up your platform
Your own version of the Weaviate Playground
Custom branding to your look and feel
Monetize your data by using your Weaviate

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