Solution Engineers

Helping you get the most out of Weaviate

Our team of solution engineers can help you to integrate Weaviate into your existing IT landscape, support in the development of new knowledge graph based products or help you in your data monetization journey.

How our solution engineers can help you:

SeMI business consulting

Business Consultants

Weaviate will enable a spectrum of new use cases for you. We will help you prioritize these use cases based on their potential impact on your business. We will help you develop a business case for each use case. What is the appropriate level of investment for each of your use cases? What can you expect in return, in terms of additional income, reduced cost, more-effective processes, etc. We help you identify the key measures of success for your use cases and determine how to optimize the outcomes.

SeMI data consulting

Data Consultants

The power of Weaviate is greatly enhanced by its ability to combine different data sources, even where no shared common structure of the information exists. We help you to first identify the key data sources that are most likely to contain the information needed for your use cases. We will also help you identify gaps in your data and assist you in making sources available to you that lie outside of your organization.

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