Core products

Weaviate comes in three versions called the Core products. Each has powerful open-source Weaviate knowledge graph software at their heart. Please review the core products to see which one suits your use case the best.
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Additional services to enhance what Weaviate can do for you

  • Weaviate Keyper

    Couple Weaviates together within and between organisations for enhanced productivity.

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  • SeMI Consulting

    Our consultants are ready to help you to get started and grow your Weaviate.

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  • Tableau

    Use Tableau to visualise your Weaviate data.

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Point solutions

Unique solutions to specific industries, tasks or functionality

  • In R&D

    Common Knowledge

    Fed by the largest encyclopedia in the world, Wikipedia, the Common Knowledge Network gives insights about an enormous range of subjects.

  • In R&D

    Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

    The SME Network contains an ever-growing knowledge graph of public SME data. Ideal for enhancing your own data sets.