Core products, Add ons and Point solutions

These are the major and minor offerings on the SeMI Weaviate roster. Each performs a different function and a customer will always have at least one core product and optionally others of both types

Core products

These are the Weaviate software itself in three different flavors, this is the heart of any Weaviate instance.

Add ons

These are existing supplementary tools that can be added onto a Weaviate instance to either expand functionality or improve performance. Some, like consulting, are potentially useful to all customers and others like Keyper are only relevant in specific installations. For example a banking Weaviate would only need Keyper if it contained multiple search graphs. Add ons are generic enhancements which are useful to many different Weaviate installations.

Point solutions

These are unique industry or topic-focused tools that are available to solve specific issues. A user will only want these in specific circumstances. For example the Common Knowledge Point solution is only useful where the Weaviate contains a large amount of general data which needs to be understood. A Weaviate containing banking data would not need the Common Knowledge point solution but after discussion with consultants we could build a banking terminology point solution.