SeMI’s logomark is constructed from a set of connection lines forming planes that represent relationships in knowledge networks. Despite the flat geometry, these overlapping planes create the sense of volume and project the dynamism of the brand. Inspired in the concept of identifying patterns in data, the planes and empty spaces create a pattern resembling an ‘S’ for SeMI.

SeMI’s logotype is based on Century Gothic.

Century Gothic is a native digital typeface, optimised for use in the digital domain first.

It is a spacious, modern version of Futura optimised for on-screen usage. Futuristic—yet rooted in tradition—it retains the graceful geometric looks of the 1920s and 30s.

The logo takes the brand colors vivid pink and almost black to create a simple, yet contrasting.

In situations when the logo is set to a dark background and emphasis needs to be put on the brand, use the dark background accents.

Bellow you will find the official logos in use.

Full logo with payoff

The full logo is the preferred logo, especially when introducing the brand. There are horizontal and vertical variations for it depending on the format that is used.

Logo mark

The logomark is used once the brand has been introduced and the audience is familiar with SeMI. Use it for accentuating content.

Logo without payoff

When setting the SeMI logo at smaller sizes, the payoff text might become unreadable. In these cases the logo without the payoff should be used.

Monochrome Logo

Use the monochrome versions when the format requires you to apply the logo in a single color.