SeMI Sales Partnership (SSP)

The following document contains the guiding principles for a SeMI Sales Partnership. The document is not legally binding but a concrete overview of the partnership deal.

SSP Partnership

The SSP rewards partners for warm, successful referrals. consists of warm introductions an introductory meeting with a SeMI team member at a potential customer where the potential use case(s) are already defined.

  • A deal should be closed within 6 months after the introduction.
  • If the company referral refers to other people in the organization, this shouldn’t be more than 3 internal referrals.
  • A referral always needs to be warm. I.e.;
    • At least one Weaviate use case must be discussed.
    • A meeting must take place over video conferencing or in person.
  • A commission is X% of recurring revenue for a maximum of 3 invoices per use case or Y% of the first invoice.
  • Partnership contracts are reviewed by two SeMI directors and confirmed via DocuSign. A partnership starts when the partnership contract is signed.
  • SeMI is responsible for providing information to construct a use case, this information will always be delivered through the website.
  • An SSP partner is responsible for defining the use case.
  • All deals are per use case.

SSP Customer Definitions

  • The referred potential customer should be a contact that is unknown to SeMI.
  • A referral is always an individual inside a company, not a company itself.
  • An individual within a prospect company is always owned by one sales partner.
  • SeMI branded logos, slide decks, etcetera will be made available to the sales partner.

SSP Communication

  • After each introduction meeting, a confirmation email will be sent to determine the type of referral.
  • Access to Slack and WhatsApp groups.
  • A partner’s name and contact details to be added to our website and communication channels.

SSP Collaboration

  • A partner can collaborate with an reseller partner.
  • Multiple sales partners can work with the same prospect companies.
  • A sales partner introduction that leads to a reseller partnership is not part of the agreement.

Refer a Referral

The refer a referral (RaR) program is available to every partner who introduces SeMI to a new sales partner, regardless of the tier, will receive a bonus percentage when this new partner conducts a sale.

  • The RaR is capped at 3 people.
  • The RaR only goes one level deep.