Sales Strategy

At SeMI, we bring value to our users and customers through the three core features Weaviate has;

  • Semantic Search
  • Semantic Classification
  • Knowledge Representation

These three focus points enable us to solve specific problems within a multitude of industries (as we like to call it at SeMI, Weaviate is industry agnostic). To reach different industries, we use a global network that we expand with partners who have expertise and software skills in specific industries where Weaviate might bring value. Further down this page, you can find links to example use cases and workflows.

How We Work With Partners

Our partner network is our way of reaching customers with problems Weaviate can help solve. Partners bring expertise in specific countries and industries. Our partner success managers train the partner sales team in understanding how Weaviate can deliver value in their industry. Our solution engineers help our partner’s engineers to implement Weaviate, and the online SeMI playbook is an ever-growing source of information that the partners can leverage to reach customers.

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Sales Funnel - Exploration

We recognize two types of customers;

  • Reactive customers. Those who have challenges that Weaviate can help solve, but who are unaware.
  • Proactive customers. Those who already know how Weaviate can help them.

For reactive customers, we have materials available for exploration workshops (slide deck, images, documentation) to uncover the cases where Weaviate can help. The goal of this session is to define one or more use cases Weaviate in which Weaviate can bring direct value to a customer through the help of our partners.

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Sales Funnel - Consolidation

When the use case is defined, we create one more deck which contains the customer-specific use case and how Weaviate assists in solving the problem.

Sales Funnel - Optional, Proof of Concept

In some cases, customers have complex problems to which Weaviate might be the answer. In this case, we can offer a proof of concept implementation to validate Weaviate’s value.

Additional: Users & Customers

We want everybody to be able to benefit from the Weaviate software, and therefore we offer Weaviate with an open-source license to the world. We constructed the business around the addition of features (outlined here) and the replacement of the open-source license with an enterprise license for our customers. At the highest tier (Enterprise), we also offer support from our solution engineers.

Additional: Out of the box integrations and datasets

Because Weaviate focusses on three core use cases, end-to-end implementations tend to be similar. At SeMI, we are offering end-to-end integrations and predefined datasets that one can use in combination with Weaviate.