How we hire at SeMI

We can't create the products our customer love without a great team. Therefore we invest a lot of time in our hiring process. We will conduct multiple interviews to validate if a candidate is a right fit for our team regardless of your role.

How our hiring process works

For all interviews you will receive a detailed briefing which contains the following information:

  1. Who you will be meeting.
  2. What to prepare.
  3. Communication channel(s).

We have a minimum of 3 interviews. The interviews are conducted to understand:

  1. your knowledge about your domain of expertise.
  2. if you fit the specific role.
  3. if you fit the existing SeMI team.

Your interviewer will always advise a "yes," a "no," or a "maybe." In case it is a maybe, we will ask you if you are willing to conduct the same interview with another SeMI interviewer.

Working remotely

At SeMI, we work remotely, which means that we don't have an office. Some people work from home, some from coffee places and others from a rented place. We use communication channels like Slack, Hangouts, Github, and email to connect.

If you want to learn more in advance about working remotely, feel free to ask us in advance or during one of the interviews.

Example of preparation material

Solution Engineers and Core Engineers

For all roles, we work with a specific set of cases tailored to your domain of expertise. We will ask you how you have solved problems in the past, solutions you are proud of, and how you deal with hypothetical problems you might find at SeMI.

  1. For core engineering, this might be an in-depth technical problem you have solved. (What was the problem? How did you solve it?)
  2. For solution engineering a solution, this can be something you have built for a customer in the past. (What was the request? Why did you pick the tools you have chosen)
  3. For sales, we might want to know how you've mastered the software solution you were pitching.