Taking time off at SeMI Technologies

As a remote-first company, SeMI gives its people the flexibility to work when...

  • Jessie de Groot Jessie de Groot
  • Dec 01

The entire SeMI team will soon gather for the first time… in Italy!

Over the past six months, SeMI has doubled in size; we’re now nearly 30 people...

  • Jessie de Groot Jessie de Groot
  • Nov 03

Creating an inclusive culture in remote work settings

Working in a company with an inclusive culture is important and it’s good for business...

  • Jessie de Groot Jessie de Groot
  • Oct 26

Creating a remote-first Solution Engineering team

I lead SeMI’s Solution Engineering team. Right now, we’re only four people...

  • Byron Voorbach Byron Voorbach
  • Oct 12

Why the business model of open-source software works

A question that I get a lot is, “Why would you create an open-source business?”...

  • Bob van Luijt Bob van Luijt
  • Sep 23

Creating great talks

As SeMI Technologies’ head of developer relations, my job is all about connecting with...

  • Sebastian Witalec Sebastian Witalec
  • Sep 16

Building an open-source brand: Shaping the message by sharing the mission

Here at SeMI, we are building not only open source products but an open source brand...

  • Svitlana Smolianova Svitlana Smolianova
  • Sep 08

On being a remote-first company

SeMI has spent almost its entire life as a company in the pandemic and post-pandemic period...

  • Jessie de Groot Jessie de Groot
  • Aug 31

Our mission at SeMI Technologies

We're moving towards our goal of creating a profitable, AI-first, open-source company around...

  • Bob van Luijt Bob van Luijt
  • Aug 25