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We are looking for a backend engineer to extend the Weaviate team.

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About SeMI Technologies

At SeMI technologies we are all about knowledge. With our open-source vector search engine Weaviate, we work at the forefront of data and knowledge representation. With a state of the art language model at the core of our solution, we put modern NLP into practice.

We enable our customers and open source community users to understand their data and drive business decisions using an AI-first approach.

What We Are Looking For

Weaviate is the basis to how we provide value to our customers. This means Weaviate has to be fast, reliable, scalable and easy-to-use. We aim to provide value to our internal teams, external partners and clients in a fast and efficient manner - without ever sacrificing quality. For these challenges, we are looking for engineers who are able to work independently, take ownership of a topic and are motivated to lead, learn and grow. Weaviate Core Engineers typically have the following traits:

  1. Have experience in Golang (or similar strongly typed languages)
  2. Have a desire to write high-quality code with great test coverage (preferably TDD)
  3. Are great communicators and team-players
  4. Aim for short feedback cycles, efficient communication and take ownership of their work
  5. Know what it means to run and maintain applications in production
  6. Show a cloud-native mindset (preferably experience with Docker & Kubernetes)
  7. Have experience with developing and using distributed systems and the trade-offs involved

What You Will Be Working On

  1. Add new features to Weaviate Core
  2. Help make Weaviate the best Vector Search Engine out there

How We Work

We believe in autonomy, creativity, and flexibility. Our international team lives these values by working closely together in a decentralized (i.e., remote) manner, and all team members are given agency over their own projects.

Learn While You Work

We offer the opportunity to gain insights into the development of modern data solutions including cloud computing, data analysis, machine learning, front-end, and back-end programming.

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  1. Tell us why you are interested in our company.
  2. Share an overview of projects that you’ve worked on previously (i.e., What was the challenge and how did you solve it?)
  3. Tell us why you want to contribute to Weaviate.

Learn more about the hiring process at SeMI

You can apply via the following channels:

  1. Email us on

Pro tip

As a company, we value open-source. This means that you can find a lot about how we work online (not only software). We would highly recommend that you read up about what we do so you can come prepared to the first -digital- meeting.