Weaviate for Publishing and Media

Publishing & Media

Media and content consumption habits are improving rapidly and users expect better and faster search results based on your content. Because Weaviate is an AI-first search engine it understands your content allowing you to show better and more relevant content to your users.

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AI-based search for your content

Semantic Search

Thanks to Weaviate's semantic search capabilities you can now present content to your users as detailed as questions to answers that they might have. This is possible because Weaviate indexes your data based on its meaning rather than just on the keywords it contains.


Weaviate's semantic classification capabilities allow you to automatically classify new incoming content based on its meaning. Getting in a news article about wine without the article mentioning wine once? Weaviate can make those relationships for you because it understands the relation in the content.

Weaviate's Semantic Search features for publishing & media

Data Analysts & Data Scientists

Weaviate allows data analysts to search through, structure and harmonize data faster and more efficiently. Instead of manually restructuring and massaging your data to generate reports, Weaviate automatically structures the data for you. Thanks to Weaviate's API's it can be integrated into any dashboarding tool of your choosing.

Data scientists can leverage all of Weaviate's search functionalities through its API. It allows you to create custom models, start classifications, and execute search functions.

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