Weaviate for consumer packaged goods

CPG & Retail

With the growing amount of data in your data warehouses, organization and harmonization becomes critically important.
Learn here how SeMI helps Retail, CPG and FMCG companies with searching through and structuring data based on AI-first search engine Weaviate.

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Using AI to automatically organize your unstructured ERP and CRM data


Instead of spending countless hours trying to harmonize your data, Weaviate can automatically organize and structure your data from different sources.


Weaviate is able to predict where and how your data needs to be stored in your ERP-systems or data warehouses enabling you to take the next step in your digital transformation.


Need to generate a new report or need new insights? Let Weaviate automatically classify your data and structure it in ways to generate new insights on the fly.

Perfetti Van Melle uses Weaviate to predict tags to automatically organize its products in their ERP systems

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Learn how Weaviate helps Metro A.G. to harmonize their CRM system

Data Analysts & Data Scientists

Weaviate allows data analysts to structure and harmonize data faster and more efficiently. Instead of manually restructuring and massaging your data to generate reports, Weaviate automatically structures the data for you. Thanks to Weaviate's API's it can be integrated into any dashboarding tool of your choosing.

Data scientists can leverage all of Weaviate's functionalities through its API. It allows you to create custom models, start classifications, and execute search functions.

• Learn more in the Weaviate documentation
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