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Client libraries

Weaviate now has two client libraries available, for Python and JavaScript.

To interact with Weaviate’s APIs from Python or JavaScript codes, you can use client libraries. With these clients you can perform all RESTful and GraphQL requests. This means you can use any endpoint, and perform all GraphQL queries directly from your Python or JS scripts!

How to use these clients for RESTful API requests and GraphQL queries, code snippets are included in the code blocks on the dedicated Restful API and GraphQL reference pages. The methods of the clients are designed to reflect the API functions 1-1, but are designed (structured and named) in the way native to the language.

Additional to complete reflection of the RESTful and GraphQL API, the clients have some client-specific functions. These functions are documented on the client pages (Python and JavaScript). An overview of features of both clients:

FeaturePython clientJavaScript client
RESTful API endpointsVV
GraphQL GetVV
GraphQL AggregateVV
GraphQL ExploreVV
Uploading a full JSON schemaVX
Deleting a full JSON schemaVX
Check schemaVX
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