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Weaviate is an open-source, GraphQL and RESTful API-enabled, search graph based on a graph embedding mechanism called the Contextionary.

Core use cases

  1. Semantic Search to find on both concepts and keywords.
  2. Automatic Classification to automatically extend your graph.
  3. Knowledge Representation to represent information that systems and humans understand.

Core developer features

  1. Contextionary - the core graph embedding mechanism (i.e., ML-model) that indexes all data objects.
  2. GraphQL API - an easy to use interface to query a Weaviate.
  3. RESTful API - an easy to use interface to populate a Weaviate.
  4. Containerized - to run it efficiently.
  5. Scalable - to huge graph sizes.

Get started!

Want to get started or want to learn more? These resources might help you further

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