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Introduction to Weaviate-CLI



  • The weaviate-cli tool is used work with individual weaviates or the weaviate cluster service.


You can get an overview of available commands with the --help flag.

$ weaviate-cli --help

Overview of current commands:

usage: weaviate-cli [-h]

CLI tool to interact with Weaviate instances. Mre information:

positional arguments:
    init                Initiate a Weaviate. This function is used to connect
                        the CLI to a Weaviate instance
    schema-import       The schema file should be in the same format as
                        the/weaviate/v1/schema RESTful output
    schema-export       Save a copy of the Weaviate's schema to disk
    schema-truncate     Truncate the schema, the Weaviate must be empty.
    empty               Empty the Weaviate (i.e., all concepts will be
    cluster-create      Create a Weaviate cluster on the SeMI network
    cluster-remove      Delete a cluster
    cluster-list        List all clusters connected to configured email
    ping                Validate if a Weaviate can be pinged with or without
    version             Get the current version number
    upgrade             Upgrade the cli to the current version on Github

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

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