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DevOps Engineer

Remote · Full Time

About this role

We are looking for DevOps Engineers who are motivated to learn and grow. Projects are based on the applicant's profile and interests, and we are more than open to mentoring a project on new ideas and initiatives. Applicants must have experience with programming and be comfortable with speaking English. We are looking for senior people with considerable experience.

What we are looking for

  • Experience/familiarity with Collaborative development (Git), CI/CD (e.g. Travis, Jenkins, Google Cloud Build, Azure DevOps, etc.) ,Containerization (e.g. Docker), Container Orchestration (Kubernetes), and Software Development (Python)
  • Experience with infrastructure automation for the public cloud ( AWS, GCP or Azure) using Infra-as-code tool sets (e.g. Terraform, CloudFormation, etc.)
  • Experience in designing and building cloud-native applications
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, experience with customer interaction, ability to work with technical and non-technical stakeholders.

What we offer

  • Flexible work hours
  • Competitive compensation including paid time off
  • You will work on the forefront of search, ML/AI and cloud-native technologies - and all of it is open source.
  • An atmosphere that encourages learning and personal growth, with very experienced team members to learn from
  • Opportunities to speak at conferences, publish blog posts, videos, etc. (We are aware that this is not everyone’s cup of tea, and is therefore completely optional).

Our Values

  1. Openness by Default – we believe that the best way to create community and build new technology can only be done by being open and transparent. The open nature of our company is not limited to open-source software but also how we communicate with the outside world.
  2. Listening to our Community – the community of users and customers around the technologies we build have been tremendously gracious in giving us feedback, sharing ideas, and contributing ideas. We go to great lengths to listen and process all forms of feedback to create the best solutions we can.
  3. Quality – we create core infrastructure that companies in any industry, foundations, and governments rely on. This means we need to develop high-quality software and processes to support them. Every change in software and processes must stand reliability and performance quality control. We always think about the production environment and the impact on existing, and new users first. Additionally, we show our standards through developer friendly-UX and open-source software.

About SeMI Technologies

At SeMI Technologies, we believe that the next wave of software infrastructure is AI-first and that a solid open-source community is the basis for creating high-quality software. Our flagship solution is the vector search engine Weaviate, with which we aim to serve any community member, large or small, all over the world. Will you join us in this mission?

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