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93% of Your Data Stays Unused
Solve Your Unstructured Data Problems
With the Open Source Search Engine Weaviate

Our Solutions For Developers

About 80% of businesses don't know how to leverage unstructured data. Why it is so difficult?

Most (unstructured) data is generated by humans
Most existing database technology is focussed on structured data
The amount of data grows rapidly and especially the unstructured data contains the most value
It's hard for machines to "understand" what your unstructured data means
On top of this, you probably store data in many different silos
Machine learning can help in organizing this data, but processes to implement this are often complex and costly

Weaviate puts your 93% of unstructured data to work.

Weaviate is a database build to scale machine learning-based applications. Thanks to its easy-to-use APIs and its capability to run in your own cloud environment or on-premise Weaviate enables you to enhance your applications with:

Semantic Search

Weaviate allows you to easily implement AI-first search capabilities into your digital products.

Semantic Discovery

Weaviate allows you to answer questions of millions of documents and data objects in mere milliseconds.

Automatic Classification

Weaviate allows automatic classification based on your data from any data source. You can classify based on existing data or based on the meaning of the data.

Automated Predictions

Weaviate understands your data, predicts the relations. You can get recommended relations in your data.

Weaviate for Engineers and Data Scientists

• The Weaviate vector search engine is used to solve MLOps challenges for software engineers as well as data engineers and thanks to its modular structure, it helps data scientists to easily scale their custom models.
• Instead of just storing raw data as traditional databases do, Weaviate leverages the power of machine learning models to vectorize the data.

“Google uses machine learning and graphs to deliver search results. Most search engines do not. Weaviate wants to change that.”

George Anadiotis for ZDNet

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